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Who We Are


“Melius” Latin, “to improve” | “Eos” Latin, Goddess of the Dawn, representing new beginnings

MelEos Group is a women-owned public benefit corporation (PBC) driven by a mission to empower individuals and communities through transformative solutions that foster integration, wellbeing, and resilience.  We collaborate with employers, benefits advisors, associations, and mission-aligned healthcare providers to bridge gaps in healthcare access, maximize existing systems, and create innovative models.  Our work is guided by our conviction that fostering a strong and meaningful partnership between healthcare providers and patients is paramount to achieving optimal health outcomes.

Kalli Ortega


Kalli Ortega helps her partners harness their power to put their ideas into action. Her goal is to guide you to your vision of success by creating practical steps to produce it. She builds on her experience being a strategic leader for the benefits advisor function of an agency and owning an agency. Her upbringing in the family manufacturing business gave her the ability to turn chaos into order, practicing value-stream mapping and lean manufacturing. She builds programs for clients in a similar way: by defining the ideal future state, then developing steps from the current state to achieve that vision.

In founding MelEos Group, Kalli’s goal is for independent advisors to be part of building something that differentiates them in the market. With creativity, a thriving network of community and business innovators, and a passion for improving employees’ wellbeing, Kalli is a strong partner for forward-looking leaders.

Kristine Scheer


Kristine is the co-founder of K2 Strategic and an accomplished employee benefits expert with 28 years of experience, including:

  • Health Rosetta certified. Health Rosetta is an elite national advisory radically improving health plan cost and outcomes for employers and plan members
  • Clients in nearly every business sector, with particular focus on manufacturing, public sector and labor-based employers
  • Work across all stakeholder types (carriers, administrators, employers, employees, labor groups), providing a bird’s eye perspective on the benefits landscape
  • Focus on midsize to large companies (100 – 20,000 employees)
  • Both internal and external negotiations expertise

Alongside her proactive, collaborative approach, Kristine’s expertise enables her to deliver both administrative and strategic support that drives measurable improvements for her clients and their employees.