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Innovative healthcare solutions for visionary leaders

Let's Innovate

MelEos Group is a women-owned public benefit corporation (PBC) on a mission to empower individuals and communities through transformative solutions that foster integration, wellbeing, and resilience. We collaborate with employers, benefits advisors, associations, and mission-aligned healthcare providers to bridge gaps in healthcare access, maximize existing systems, and create innovative models. Our work is guided by our conviction that fostering a strong and meaningful partnership between healthcare providers and patients is paramount to achieving optimal health outcomes.

Who We Serve

Employers & Associations

MelEos specializes in designing whole health plans for community associations and employers in manufacturing, public safety, and education.

Essential Partners

Benefits Agencies & Healthcare Providers

MelEos partners with mission-aligned healthcare providers and benefits agencies to develop innovative care delivery solutions and health plans for employers and individuals.

Driven by outcomes, not commissions

Meet long-term goals for culture and retention

Contain costs without cutting access or benefits

Align your brand with community improvement

Our Guiding Principles


Empowering individuals, organizations, and communities to reach their full potential


Fostering partnerships and collaborations for collective impact


Embracing innovative approaches to drive transformative change


Ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work


Upholding the highest ethical standards and principles in our actions and decisions, building trust through transparency and reliability


Being accountable for the outcomes and impact of our work, maintaining trust by delivering high-quality services and results

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